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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

For some tasks in the field of fluid dynamics and wind engineering the application of numerical flow and temperature simulations is more feasible than physical modelling (Note: This is explicitly not valid for the determination of short-term peak wind loads). In other cases, numerical and experimental approaches complement each other.

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In general, choosing a numerical approach depends on the considered problem and the aim of the study. Wacker Ingenieure has access to different in-house, open-source and commercial codes in order to tackle several types of problems.

For numerical calculations (CFD, FSI (Fluid-Structure-Interaction)) we have access to an in-house high-performance-cluster system (HPC) on industrial level.

Typical applications for CFD-simulations are:

• Large scale wind fields

• Wind flow around buildings / built-up areas

• Bridge aerodynamics

• Stack effect

• Indoor airflow

• Smoke extraction in case of fire

• Airflow through double-skin facade

• Industrial aerodynamics